Old Money Style: "How To Master The Old Money Look"🎓

Dress Like a Million Bucks: Your Guide to the Old Money Style!

Hey You, Ready To Build A Timeless Wardrobe?

Are you ready to transform yourself into the Old Money Fella/Gal you're meant to be? If so, this course is for you.

Learn step-by-step how to look like Old Money and glow up like never before. This course provides the blueprint to transform your personal image and become your best self.

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Here’s a small peek of what’s inside ⬇️

  • Detailed list of clothing items that Old Money wears ✔️

  • In Depth recommendations of every clothing piece you should buy (shoes, coats, shirts, jackets, accessories, trousers, etcetera) ✔️

  • Benefits of dressing like Old Money ✔️

  • Exact brands Old Money buys from ✔️

  • How to wear the clothing the right way ✔️

  • Core values of Old Money ✔️

  • Colour combinations Old Money uses ✔️

  • Textiles & materials Old Money enjoys wearing ✔️

  • Exact occasions, when to wear certain clothing pieces ✔️

  • Old Money principles regarding jewelry & tattoos ✔️

  • The qualities Old Money looks for in a clothing ✔️
  • 🗣️

    Starting this year, I wanted to change my wardrobe completely. After following oldmoneyfella & oldmoneyfshion for some time and getting lots of good advice from his/her videos, I decided to take her course. I'm so happy I did because it has made me really excited for my 2024 wardrobe and taught me many helpful shopping tips! Thank you so much—you have a fan for life.

    Katarina P.

  • 🗣️

    If you find it hard to put outfits together or create a capsule wardrobe like I did, this course is a total lifesaver! Understanding color theory has totally transformed the way I dress. Thanks for making this course and helping me find my unique style!

    Osvald T.

  • 🗣️

    I'm completely blown away by everything I've learned from this course. For the longest time, I believed nothing suited me, but now I've figured out where I was going wrong. I'm getting ready to overhaul my wardrobe to include only colors and pieces that complement me, and I'm really looking forward to my 2024 look. Thank you so much!

    Rasmus T.

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